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The Carola Crane

The Carola Crane was used in shipbuilding at Euskalduna. With a height of 60 metres, this 30-ton winch crane was made in Talleres de Erandio, S.A. in 1957. At the time, it was the most powerful crane manufactured in Spain and the first installed in Bilbao to be used in prefabrication works and the assembly of blocks in steps

Its original location was construction slip no. 1, and it is now a landmark near the Pump House. The Carola, which was active up until Euskalduna closed, is the only remaining crane in Bilbao that was used for shipbuilding..

It owes its name to a woman who lived in Deusto (neighbourhood located on the other side of the estuary), and who crossed the estuary every day to work. She was so beautiful that the work of the labourers came to a halt when she passed by. Due to the commotion and delays, the shipyard manager offered her a car to take her to work, but she refused and continued crossing the estuary as always.


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