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Views from the riverside

(May 2013 - October 2013)

The Nervión River and the history that surrounds it continue to serve as the main attraction to the watchful eye of the painter.

In this group lie artists such as: J. Alberdi, M. Ballesteros, E. Cortina, J. Ortún, A. Renteria, Richard P., J. San Felices, I. Sarria and R. Zalbidea, who as part of society, have witnessed the transformation of a Bilbao of industry and iron, and of the lives and work of its habitants, that has given way to this city that we live in today and whose roots should never be forgotten.

In this exposition held at the Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum, the artists, in different styles and formats, pay tribute to their city and river. The museum holds the remains of history that these authors were able to represent through their works.


Muelle Ram�n de la Sota, 1 48013 Bilbao Telf. 94 608 55 00