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RBMM Foundation

The Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum is the result of the work performed by the private, non-profit Foundation that has the same name, and was founded in 1996. This organisation was created from the effort of a group of individuals bound to the sea, and more specifically, the Bilbao Estuary. The goal of establishing the Foundation and the future museum was to promote the research, preservation and diffusion of the cultural heritage created throughout history by the maritime activity of the Estuary, the Port of Bilbao and the Biscay province.


One year later, in 1997, its Board of Trustees was established, formed by representatives of the primary public and private entities of Bilbao. In 1999, the museum´s Patronage and Sponsorship Programme was started, to which the companies and institutions that were already members of the Foundation´s Patronage were already included.

The museum has a surface area of about 27,000 m2. The exhibition space is distributed between the outdoor area and inside the building. The vessels, which make up a significant portion of the exhibit, are located in the wide open dock area. In the museum´s interior, the exhibit is divided into three main subject areas: the physical environment of the Estuary, the evolution of commerce in Bilbao and its surroundings, and lastly, the evolution of naval construction on the Bilbao Estuary. Additionally, the Museum has a large area for housing temporary exhibits, which complement the exposition offerings.


Muelle Ram�n de la Sota, 1 48013 Bilbao Telf. 94 608 55 00