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Organization Structure


In order to carry out its day-to-day operations, the Ría de Bilbao Maritime Museum consists of several areas of activity. One individual heads up each area but, as the museum has a small team with a flat structure, the make-up of the team is multi-disciplinary and versatile.

General Management. Defines the strategic lines of the Museum which includes its Mission, Vision and Values, coordinating the decisions of the Board of Trustees with the museum team and outside. It also manages and plans the financial resources in an attempt to maximise the efficiency of the resources available. (CV General Manager)

The structural areas are Administration, which deals with everything related to the financial and legal aspects of the Foundation, Systems for everything related to ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Maintenance and Security for all preventive measures and those to protect the integrity of the people in the building. In addition, the Events area aims to attract and cater for as many events as possible at the Museum, thereby contributing to self-financing.


Exhibitions: The permanent collection and temporary exhibitions area ensures appropriate attention is given to the objects that are loaned and donated to the museum and those that it wishes to acquire. It is also responsible for the coordination, creation, management and search for temporary exhibitions that complement the cultural offering.

The Communication area is focused on maintaining an ongoing dialogue with society and the cultural and tourist agents in the surrounding area with a view to attracting them to the Museum's activity and keeping abreast of the concerns and needs of society at all times. All the team members are focused on this communication.

Educational Programme. As the educational approach is one of the main focuses of the Museum's Mission, the educational area works on designing educational workshops which cater to Educational Centres in the school year and to children who attend camps and workshops during the school holidays.

Workshop and activities. The Museum has a modelling workshop, whose activity draws on a team of volunteers and a riverside carpentry workshop which, to the greatest extent possible, contribute to maintaining the collection of ships.



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