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Patronage Programme

Since its establishment, the Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum Foundation has strived to fill the existing vacuum in our history, that of our maritime culture.

In order to reach this objective, we have relied on the support of our patrons and sponsors from the very beginning.

Sponsoring the Maritime Museum´s activities shows the commitment of these companies towards our history, while also enjoying the advantages that the museum offers them.

Categories according to the yearly financial commitment (min.):

PATRON. 60.000 €/ min.
SPONSOR. 30.000 € / min.
BENEFACTOR. 15.000 €/min.
ASSOCIATE. 8.000 €/min.
COLLABORATOR. 5.000 €/min.

For more information:
Tel. 94 608 55 00


Muelle Ram�n de la Sota, 1 48013 Bilbao Telf. 94 608 55 00