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Activity Report

The estuary is your Museum

Bilbao is not the fine rain on the windscreen. Bilbao is not the cranes on the docks. Bilbao is not a boat under construction or a port loading merchant vessels. Bilbao is not the Athletic Club, and it is not the Guggenheim.
Bilbao is the push of its people that is seen in the port, in the Old Town shop and in its foreign commerce; in the foundry and in the industry; in its entrepreneurial and happy spirit, in the estuary that we have inside and that makes us look at the world.

"You are Nervion, the history of the villa. You, its past and its future" declared Unamuno from Begonia in 1907.

The estuary allowed a port existing in Bilbao even before having its founding charter. Surrounding it, the commerce, the opening to the world through the sea and industry has forged a character that has allowed constant progress throughout Biscay.
This cultural heritage is safeguarded since, now 10 years ago, a group of enthusiasts of the sea and the estuary manages to realise its dream: reconverting the ancient Euskalduna shipbuilders into the Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum. Rightly, tribute and thanks should be given to these men and women from all of Biscay, as well as to the companies and Institutions that supported them, that fought until the inauguration on 20 November 2033 of the current Museum.

(Video of the beginning of the Museum and what it is like now)

Download 2003-2014 report of Bilbao Maritime Museum


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